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Matt Sandberg
Phone Number: 970-668-4647
More About Me

What is your job title? Publisher For which property do you work? Summit Daily News & Sky Hi News When did you start working for Swift? 2003 as the Internet Advertising Consultant for the Summit Daily News What do you love about your job? I love the interaction with the community and the support the Summit Daily News etends to the community. Where did you work before Swift? Where did you go to school? The University of Nebraska - Lincoln. I also spent time at Metro State, Ft. Lewis College, did some local classes with CMC and Westwood College. What do you like to do outside of work? Snowmobiling, ATVs, Golf, Disc Golf, Camping, Basketball, and doing all of these things with my family. Do you have family, pets, etc. you'd like to tell us about? I have a wonderful wife, Shannon, and two beautiful daughters Madison & Sarah. I get a male balance in the household from our Bernese Mountain Dog Apollo.

Classified Advertising

Classified Department
Fax: (970) 668-8427
Phone Number: 970-668-9937
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Meg Boyer
Advertising Director
Phone Number: 970-668-4638
Steve Fisher
Advertising Manager
Phone Number: 970-668-4650
Emma Simmins
Advertising Account Manager
Phone Number: 970-668-4649
Shannon Sandberg
National Account Manager
Phone Number: 970-668-4640

Cindy Boisvert
Account Manager
Phone Number: 970-668-4648

Eric Groves
Advertising Account Manager
Phone Number: 970-668-4637

Ian Donovan
Advertising Account Manager
Phone Number: 970-668-4642 Ext 13728


Jessica Smith
Content Management Editor: magazines, freelance
Phone Number: 970-668-4633
Austyn Williams
Audience Brand Manager
Phone Number: 970-668-4643
Ashlee Bratton
Marketing Manager
Phone Number: 970-668-4644


Ben Trollinger
Managing Editor
Phone Number: 970-668-4618
More About Me

Before taking the helm of the Summit Daily News, Ben worked for the best little newspaper in Texas, The Williamson County Sun, a fine, family-owned and award-winning institution just north of Austin. But don’t hold the Texas thing against him. He headed from the Hill Country to the High Country as fast as he could. Outside of work, he has one mission and one mission only: to stop his children from taking over the world (mainly this involves letting them have a snack). As he puts it, he has one wife, one daughter, one son and no pets, but he’s sure there’s a conspiracy underway to change that.

Phil Lindeman
Sports & Recreation Editor
Phone number: 970-668-4628
More About Me

Phil Lindeman came to the Summit Daily News after four years in the Vail area, where he worked as a freelance writer for the Vail Daily, the now-defunct Sneak Peak magazine and several Colorado-based websites. The Denver native graduated from Colorado State University with a double-major in journalism and English, so the irony of identifying as a ski bum who snowboards isn't lost on him. It might make for a decent linguistics thesis. One of these days, he'll get around to writing the next Great American Novel – right after another lap through the Freeway park in Breck.

Heather Jarvis
Arts & Entertainment Editor
Phone Number: 970-668-4636
More About Me

Heather Jarvis graduated from Missouri State University in 2007 with a degree in print journalism and creative writing. Before moving to Summit County in 2010, she was the news editor at The Examiner in Independence, Mo. As the music reporter for her university’s paper and a previous intern and freelancer for Marquee Magazine in Boulder, Heather enjoys hearing and writing about live music. She loves to travel, particularly to go to a music festival or show, and also enjoys snowboarding, hiking with her dog, camping, rafting and a good southern Missouri canoe trip. Heather joined the Summit Daily News team in March 2013.

Jonathan Bowers
Copy Editor
Phone Number: 970-668-3998
More About Me

Elise Reuter
Reporter: Summit County government, towns of Frisco and Dillon, crime and public safety
Phone Number: 970-668-4630

Kevin Fixler
Reporter: Ski industry, environment
Phone Number: 970-668-4617
Susan Gilmore
Copy Desk
Phone Number: 970-668-4612
What’s Happening Calendar
Nicole Marine
Front Desk
Phone number: (970) 668-4611

Shawn Butler
Circulation Manager

Juan Ortiz
Assistant Circulation Manager
PPhone Number: 970-668-3998
More About Me

What is your job title? Assistant Circulation Manager For which property do you work? SDN When did you start working for Swift? Aug 2008 What do you love about your job? I love the driving throughout the county and working outside Where did you work before Swift? I worked at Murphy's as a cook and still am there full-time. Where did you go to school? Instituto Valladolid, Morelia, Mexico What do you like to do outside of work? In the winter, I love to snowboard. In summer mountain biking and playing tennis. Do you have family, pets, etc. you'd like to tell us about? My older brother and family live here. We like to eat, see movies and bike riding together. Any great recent events in your life you'd like to share? Doing modeling for FIRC.


Pam Schultz
Phone Number: 970-668-3998 ext 12889
More About Me

What's Happening Calendar

Susan Gilmore
Editorial Assistant
Phone Number: 970-668-4612
More About Me

The front desk receptionist and "What's Happening" calendar manager, also assists with walk-in customers' classified ads.