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Summit Daily letters: Reflection on Independence Day

June 29, 2016 — 

Reflection on Independence Day

Most people will agree that 2016 must be one of the most unique as well as troubling years in our recent history. It certainly is for me in my eight decades on Earth. Each day brings another undesirable event on some level be it tragedy, political, economic and in some regions, the weather.

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Summit Daily letters: Parking garage not the answer to Breckenridge traffic

June 26, 2016 — 

Parking garage not the answer to Breck traffic

The old adage “if you build it, they will come” has never been more applicable than in regard to the parking garage proposed by Vail Resorts.

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Summit Daily letters to the editor: Global warming and TABOT touts

June 23, 2016 — 

Breathe of hot air

RE: Let’s tax what makes the whole world sick (Summit Daily News, June 17)

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Summit Daily letters to the editor: Vote your support for affordable healthcare

June 23, 2016 — 

Vote your support for affordable healthcare

Our November ballot will seek approval of tax-based funding for Summit schools and for affordable housing. Those are significant community programs addressing important community needs.

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Summit Daily letters to the editor: Disappointment at the Colorado BBQ Challenge

June 22, 2016 — 

Disappointment at the barbecue

I was very disappointed in last weekend’s Colorado BBQ Challenge.

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Summit Daily letters to the editor: Crisis, radicals and cheap shots

June 17, 2016 — 

Cheap shots and unwarranted attacks

In his opinion column. “Three words the Republican [sic] refuse to utter”, in the June 15, 2016, Summit Daily News, Dick Polman faults a long list of Republicans for offering their prayers and sympathy for the victims of last Sunday’s horrendous attack that killed 49 innocent and undeserving victims. Why fault these Republicans? Because they did not identify these Americans as “gay.” I realize that people who hold different world views often see events differently. Those he named offered sympathy and prayers because of the senseless deaths of these innocent men and women. The sexual orientation of these victims is irrelevant to me and to those offering their condolences. That those killed were “gay” was important only to the American radical Islamic terrorist who killed them and, unfortunately, to Dick Polman and others with his world view.

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Summit Daily letters to the editor: Enough of the 'Weed Wonderland' coverage

June 16, 2016 — 

Enough of the ‘Weed Wonderland’ coverage

Wow! You just can’t say enough to about pot.

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Summit Daily letters to the editor: Orlando resident learns of massacre from Breckenridge home

June 15, 2016 — 

Murder visits the happiest place on earth

I am a part-time resident of Breckenridge. My family lives here for several months over the summer and fall. My permanent home is Orlando.

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Summit Daily letters to the editor: Befriend your forest

June 13, 2016 — 

Befriend your forest

I’m usually an early riser, one of the curses of getting older. But the upside is being outside early and being awed every morning by the beauty of Summit County.

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Summit Daily letters to the editor: A breath of fresh air and reefer madness

May 31, 2016 — 

The diverse and the dedicated

My wife and I spent this past Memorial Day at the National Cemetery in Santa Fe. It was a beautiful, bluebird morning, perfect for walking through the symmetry of rows and rows of white grave markers. Reading the names engraved on the stones, I am struck by how many are Hispanic: Baca, Sanchez, Garcia, Montoya, Gonzales, Padilla, Martinez, Duran and so many more. I’m guessing that as many as 50 percent are Hispanic (This is New Mexico, after all).

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Summit Daily letters to the editor: Why we observe Memorial Day

May 27, 2016 — 

Why we observe Memorial Day

A couple of centuries ago, a tiny group of British colonists defeated the mightiest military force in the Western world to wrest their freedom and independence from the tyrannical British crown. Those colonists created a unique form of self government, which derives its power from the consent of the governed. It had never been tried before, but it produced, in its first hundred years, a standard of living surpassing all other established nations.

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May 20, 2016 — 

Overgrown cannabis coverage

I would like to make a recommendation to the Summit Daily News that you start looking into an alternative to tree-based paper on which to print the news. The option I recommend is HEMP because it will reflect the disproportionate coverage of marijuana articles in your paper. Another suggestion is to change the name to the Summit Daily Hemp. (Yes, that last bit was sarcasm.)

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Summit Daily letters to the editor: Liquor and grocery stores in Colorado

May 18, 2016 — 

Liquor and grocery stores in Colorado

SB16-197 is a compromise that 95 percent of the liquor industry and the big box retailers have worked on together and agreed on to bring the liquor in the state of Colorado into the 21st century without destroying many people’s lives in the process.

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Summit Daily letters to the editor (05.13.16)

May 13, 2016 — 

The Bruce Brown I know

I am sending this letter in response to a piece I noticed in The Denver Post about District Attorney Bruce Brown from the 5th Judicial District.

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Summit Daily letters to the editor: Support for ColoradCare

May 10, 2016 — 

Correcting the record on ColoradoCare

There were a few errors and misleading statements in Tim Orwick’s article on ColoradoCare, Amendment 69, on Wednesday, May 4.

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O'Neil: No rocks needed for reclamation project (letter)

May 8, 2016 — 

I am an 11 year Breckenridge resident of the corner of Tiger Rd. and Gold Run Rd. I would like to express my anger and disappointment at the disregard for the residents and recreational users of Tiger Rd. by Summit County and the town of Breckenridge in the reclamation plan for the Swan River. The article in the May 4 edition of the Summit Daily about the residents’ failed appeal is reasonably accurate. What it fails to report is that the agenda for summer 2016 was already a done deal before residents learned of the plan to bring approximately 3400 truckloads of rock from the valley down Tiger Rd. resulting in 6800 truck trips on what is already a busy residential and recreational road. We were told that it is only a minor inconvenience to have up to 100 truckloads a day on the road. This is phase one of a five phase plan of work on the river. The conditional use permit for a rock crusher has been issued for a period of 5 years with option for a 5 year renewal. Commissioners did agree to monitor the permit’s usage closely.

Most residents of the area are in favor of the reclamation project though not of the rock trucking. I question why rock that was dredged up but not imported into the valley has to be trucked out of the valley and sold. The plan to crush rock for the actual project makes sense. Hauling thousands of truckloads of rock down Tiger Rd. at the expense of the safety and quality of life of the residents and recreational users of the valley does not. The reclamation can be completed without this. Leave the rock where it originated.

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Summit Daily letters to the editor: Bruce Brown works hard on behalf of victims

May 3, 2016 — 

Bruce Brown works hard on behalf of victims

The Denver Post’s article regarding elected District Attorney Bruce Brown’s “vacation days” mischaracterizes his work ethic.

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Summit Daily letters to the editor: Health care costs impact Summit's small businesses

April 29, 2016 — 

Health care costs impact Summit’s small businesses

As small business owners, the consistently rising and unpredictable costs of health care are a worry when we are planning out our budgets and seeking to provide for our families and encouraging our employees to plan, as well.

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Cobb: All votes matter in botched Frisco election (letter)

April 22, 2016 — 

All votes matter

This is in response to the Frisco town councilman’s decision to not accept the position he recently won: I think it should only be proper that the town hold a special election to fill this vacant seat.

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April 20, 2016 — 

Eating is an environmental act

With the 47th annual observance of Earth Day just around the corner, this is a great time to explore more effective ways of slowing climate change and conserving Earth’s natural resources for future generations.

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Summit Daily letters to the editor: Ski school competition and Frisco fracas

April 18, 2016 — 

Dear Madame Secretary Penny Pritzker

As a billionaire, current Commerce Secretary and regular speaker at the Aspen Institute, you stated yesterday on NPR that President Obama wants the feds to encourage “competition.”

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Summit Daily letters to the editor: Fighting against high healthcare premiums

April 13, 2016 — 

Summit fights against the status quo

Summit County has one of the highest health-insurance premiums in the nation. We hear it in the news daily and feel it in our wallets every time we go to the doctor or buy medication at the pharmacy.

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Summit Daily letters to the editor: Transgender rights and climate change

April 8, 2016 — 

More than a bathroom battle

I’m writing to offer a very different perspective on North Carolina’s new anti-LGBT law than that of Morgan Liddick in his April 5 On Your Right column, “Bathrooms: The New Battlefield.”

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April 2, 2016 — 


The war machine clatters on

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April 2, 2016 — 


Challenging Marmins’ claims

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Summit Daily letters to the editor on elections, open space and a note of gratitude

March 30, 2016 — 


Mayor Mamula has a ring to it

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Summit Daily letters to the editor: Lost in the back country

March 30, 2016 — 


Along came Marmins

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Summit Daily letters to the editor: Natural wonders and political picks

March 29, 2016 — 


Taking issue with Marmins’ campaign claims

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Letters to the editor on local elections and the political future

March 26, 2016 — 


Debunking Marmins’ positions

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Summit Daily letters to the editor: Local politics and picks

March 26, 2016 — 


Please vote for Nadalin, Camp, Shattuck and Kieber

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