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High Gear: Olicamp Kinetic Ultra backpacking stove review (1)

February 11, 2016 — 

There’s a world of difference between four-season gear and the rest.For starters, just labeling something “four-season” implies it can go anywhere and do anything under just about any conditions. It …

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High Gear: Chroma Drone with built-in camera (3)

February 4, 2016 — 

The sun is setting over Duluth, Minnesota, where the world’s largest freshwater lake fades from the cityscape to a horizon in the north. My camera, flying at 300 feet from …

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Annual SIA Snow Show features local brands (5)

January 30, 2016 — 

DENVER — SnowSports Industries America’s 62nd annual snow sport expo is underway at the Colorado Convention Center with over 950 brands showing off the greatest and latest coming to the …

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High Gear: FATMAP 3D trail map app review for Keystone Resort (6)

January 29, 2016 — 

Keystone is one of those mountains I know like the back of my hand. It’s safe to say the proverbial back of my hand just got way more detailed thanks …

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High Gear: Review of the RMU Carbon Apostle men’s ski (7)

January 27, 2016 — 

It seems like just about anyone who steps on a pair of skis dreams of heading into the backcountry. These days, it’s no longer just a dream — it’s in …

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Retrofitted: Ryan Hyland’s stolen ‘92 Sims Shaun Palmer snowboard (9)

January 9, 2016 — 

The squeak gave it away.About 24 years ago, Silverthorne town manager Ryan Hyland was a sophomore at the University of Colorado Boulder. He was a big-time snowboarder, the sort who …

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Retrofitted: Doing the time warp with Rick “Pup” Ascher (10)

January 4, 2016 — 

You know that song “Time Warp?” It should be Rick Ascher’s theme song.“If it’s peculiar and old and ski related I’ll f****** grab it, just to add to the collection,” …

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High Gear: 2015-16 Unity Snowboards Dominion (11)

December 30, 2015 — 

It’s rare to come across a traditional snowboard these days.Just like bindings and skis and every other piece of gear, modern snowboards are more specialized than ever before, made with …

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High Gear: 2015-16 Liberty Origin and Liberty Envy skis (14)

December 24, 2015 — 

Before I jump into things, get real familiar with the term quiver because I’ll most likely beat it to death.These days, the ski industry feels like the craft brewing industry. …

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High Gear: Helly Hansen Ridge shell jacket for men (15)

November 27, 2015 — 

Sometimes tradition translates to innovation. Starting in 1877, Helly Hansen began making waterproof gear for fishermen working the seas off Norway. The company was headquartered in Moss, Norway until relocating …

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Local skiers make video premiere with ‘The Golden Age’ showing in Breck No. 21 (16)

November 23, 2015 — 

It was Christmas break last year when the light bulb went off for Gavin Rudy.Since he was 14 years old, the Evergreen native had been filming friends in the terrain …

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Stocking stuffers for outdoor junkies (17)

November 23, 2015 — 

‘Tis the season for grown-up toys.It might not even be Thanksgiving yet, but if you’re the proactive sort you’ve already started ticking items off your Christmas shopping list. You probably …

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High Gear: Hillsound Armadillo LT gaiter (18)

November 19, 2015 — 

My first introduction to gaiters came when I was about 7 years old. We were getting ready for a winter Boy Scout trip to Fraser, a tiny town just past …

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High Gear: Secur Products 4-in-1 light and charging station (19)

November 5, 2015 — 

These days, it’s a no-brainer to bring your cell phone on a hike or backcountry trip or just about anything else in the great outdoors.But why? The actual phone function …

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High Gear: “Methods of Prediction” snowboard film by Think Thank (20)

October 30, 2015 — 

Boston was the place to be a pro rider last February.When Colorado, California and just about everywhere out West was mired in a mid-winter heat wave, the East Coast was …

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