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January 31, 2013
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Summit Up 2-1-13: Bad karma to the beheaders-in-crime

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world's only daily column that's calling for justice for the Budweiser horse and dog snow sculptures in Breckenridge's Blue River Plaza, which last weekend fell victim to the snow-icidal rampage of an unidentified maniac.

We'd like to issue our most outraged of Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!! to the individuals who committed this senseless crime. Here to second our disgust are Catherine Cockburn and Sandy Metzger.

Ms. Cockburn writes thusly:

"Scum Alert! Scum Alert! to the thoughtless, mindless jerk/jerks who beheaded the beautiful Budweiser snow sculptures of the horses and the dog. What kind of person does this? Pity there isn't CCTV set up in Blue River Plaza. If they caught the culprits, we could have a public "stoning" of them with leftovers from the snow sculpture competition. Any takers?"

Metzger continues:

"On Friday night someone decapitated the dog, on Saturday night someone decapitated one of the Clydesdales and the Sunday night the other Clydesdale was decapitated. Is was a beautiful piece. It is so sad that a few people ruined it for all."

Here, here. To the beheaders-in-crime, may 10,000 tomatoes of rotten karma come whizzing in your general direction the next time you are in any type of performance or public display. You can redeem yourselves only by coming clean, submitting a written note of apology to the community and baking us all cupcakes.

And to round out an otherwise somewhat depressing edition of Summit Up on a weirder note, here is the lone response we got to our call to the general public for their opinion on crunchy versus creamy peanut butter.

Dan Smathers writes:

"Hey y'all, here in Atlanta we got us a place (OK, it's called NY Pizza) that makes a fantasmic peanut butter and jelly pizza. Yeah baby, it is delicious. And they will put nutty or smooth on yer pizza, so you pick it, it's awesome bof ways."

We have no idea what bof ways means, and we feel we should note that we cannot offer any kind of guarantee that peanut butter and jelly pizza will be delicious. Don't try this at home, folks.

We out.

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