Guy Pacot, Frisco

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February 26, 2013
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Pacot: Falling sky and blind eyes

So now our Chicken Little president is saying the sky is falling ... again. How many times have we heard this in the last four-plus years? Far too many.

Obama and the progressive left would have you believe that this is entirely the fault of Republicans. It's all about protecting the rich they say, but there's this one little thorn in their side that just won't go away; they (Obama and the Democrats) authored and pushed the sequestration legislation and Obama vowed to veto any other legislative effort that tried to work around it. They concocted that legislation hoping the defense cuts would keep Republicans from opposing additional tax increases and would not dare challenge them. So now the Democrats are scrambling and the desperation with which they hustle would be comical if not for the seriousness of the matter. And let me be perfectly clear (yes, borrowed that from the POTUS) no matter how much you tax the rich it will not make a dent in the debt, deficit, or funding of programs. You'll have to tax the entire middle class to get anywhere. Disagree? See basic math.

Never mind that Obama in 2009 said that raising taxes in a down economy was unwise (and this is anything but a strong recovery). The mainstream media continues to play the crickets soundtrack concerning progressives' role in the sequestration and their collective hypocrisy on things like taxes, deficit-spending, gas prices, and racking up huge national debt. The progressive Pravda media continues to turn a blind eye as they nearly always do.

Guy Pacot, Frisco

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