Lake Dillon Theatre Company discusses why arts matter for the community in Dillon |
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Lake Dillon Theatre Company discusses why arts matter for the community in Dillon

The public is invited to a free panel discussion and question-and-answer session on how the arts impact the state's economy and overall cultural diversity, on Saturday, Nov. 9. Panelists will include Deana Miller, from Colorado Creative Industries; Julie Chandler, with the National Repertory Orchestra; and Mari Geasair, director of development for Lake Dillon Theatre Company.

"The arts do more than entertain us," Geasair said. "The arts keep communities vibrant by creating jobs, encouraging tourism and giving residents and visitors a way to interact and connect around fresh ideas. We are interested in this as a topic for panel discussion because we think the impact the arts can create is an important topic.

"We also want to connect more deeply with arts lovers and supporters from our area and ask the question: How are the arts serving you and how are they serving the Summit County community? We are anxious to come together and learn how we can all work together to keep our larger community thriving."

Adult arts education is a valued component of the Lake Dillon Theatre Company mission.

This is the final event in the theater company's four-part Panel Discussion Series, offering patrons opportunities to participate in conversations with leading theater practitioners, educators and administrators from across the state.

"The panel discussions allow us to invite directors, playwrights, actors, designers, educators, administrators and critics from around the state to Dillon to engage in discussions about theater and the performing arts," said Josh Blanchard, Lake Dillon Theatre Company executive director. "The diverse perspectives and experiences among panelists offer our patrons and us staff new and exciting insights beyond the work we are doing at the LDTC."

"Why Arts Matter for Community" is a free event; tickets or reservations are not necessary.

If you go

What: “Why Arts Matter for Community,” a Lake Dillon Theatre Company panel discussion

When: 3 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 9; doors open at 2:30 p.m.

Where: Suite 11 of the La Riva Building, 135 Main St., Dillon

Cost: Free

More information: Visit, or call (970) 513-9386