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20-foot ‘Bikeful Tower’ to grace Breck this August

Paige Blankenbuehler
Summit Daily News

Made completely of used bikes and parts, the “Bikeful Tower” will mimic the design of the Eiffel Tower and stand center stage in Breckenridge for the Pro Cycling Challenge Aug. 24.

Every town that serves as a stage host of the race has been encouraged to put together a commemorative piece in honor of the race.

Breckenridge will host Stage 5 of the Pro Cycling Challenge Aug. 24 as professional cyclists world-wide get underway on Main Street at 10:50 a.m.

Kevin Berg, recycling supervisor for Summit County and the sustainability coordinator for the local Pro Cycling organizing committee, is overseeing the efforts of zero-waste during the weekend.

The “Bikeful Tower” is a project in its infancy, he said.

“It’s all coming together as we build it,” Berg said. “It’s a very fluid process, and the more bikes we get, the bigger we’ll make the piece.”

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Currently, Berg and his team have some 20-30 used bikes but are planning on adding more scrap metals and used bike parts to their inventory.

“We’re hoping that the tower will be between 10-20 feet tall,” Berg said.

Breckenridge Pro Cycling Challenge organizing committee’s philosophy for the commemorative piece it to make something that could live as a piece of art year-round, Berg said.

“Our vision of this tower is to create an iconic piece of art that symbolizes the strength of the biking community in Breckenridge and our desire to champion sustainability,” Berg said.

Alpine Sports, Avalanche Sports, Breck Velo, Carver’s and Lone Star Sports have donated used and broken bikes to the sustainability team’s efforts for the commemorative piece.

Putting together the iconic structure will involve a lot of labor leading up to the race. Berg estimates some 89 hours of work to weld and attach bikes with wire around a metal frame.

“We are going to build a base and metal sub-structure and connect bike frames and wheels leading up to the top of the tower, eventually making a cylindrical shape,” Berg said. “It should be interesting.”

The finished Bikeful Tower will be displayed in the Blue River Plaza in the Riverwalk Center, where it may remain year round.

Breckenridge has pushed for sustainability during Stage 5 of the race through other efforts like recycling and composting.

“Last year we had a diversion rate of 77 percent,” said Jen Cawley, operation director of the Breckenridge Pro Cycling organizing committee. “This year we want to compost as close to 100 percent as possible.”

During the race, the committee will also provide several water stations so spectators and athletes can refill water bottles.

“We are not allowing the sale of any single-use plastic water bottles in our center village,” Cawley said.

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