Actress Laura Dern rallies for Obama in Frisco |

Actress Laura Dern rallies for Obama in Frisco

Caddie Nath
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Actress Laura Dern, known for her roles in blockbusters such as “October Sky” and “Jurassic Park,” visited Frisco with the Obama campaign Thursday evening to urge local Democrats to keep working in the final hours of the 2012 campaign.

Following the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy in New York and New England, Colorado could become even more important in an election that has been compared to the 2000 presidential runoff, Dern said.

“We’d been hearing rumors that Colorado would mean a lot,” Dern told the crowd of approximately 20 people who turned out for the most recent rally at Abbey’s Coffee in Frisco. “But particularly because of this storm and the effects of lack of voter turnout on the East Coast … the news is that this election is turning your way and that this state is the most essential state.”

Dern continued President Barack Obama’s campaign push for the female vote, a demographic that will be crucial for a Democratic win on Tuesday, with anecdotes about the president’s familiarity with the everyday lives of Americans and commitment to women’s issues.

Dern said she joined other high-profile women working for Obama, including singer Sheryl Crow and actress Courtney Cox, trick-or-treating the night before as a “binder full of women,” – a tongue-in-cheek jab at a gaffe made by Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney during the third presidential debate.

“We were out very early because we had little ones,” Dern said. “And people said, ‘you guys are trick-or-treating so early.’ … And we used the opportunity to say, ‘No, it’s so great, we’re trick-or-treating early just to make sure we get home in time to make dinner.'”

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Dern spoke for approximately 15 minutes in Frisco Thursday evening, wrapping up a tour of Colorado that included stops in Evergreen and Edwards. It was the most recent in a series of Obama campaign events featuring high-profile speakers in Summit County, as the president himself continues to campaign across the Front Range.

The GOP ticket is also working hard to win Colorado’s hearts, minds and nine crucial electoral votes in the final days before the election. Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan will be in Montrose today. Romney and his wife, Anne, will host rallies in Colorado Springs and at Comfort Dental Amphitheatre on Saturday.

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