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Alma’s Only Bar: Better Than Bacon

Special to the DailyThe Fort Collins-based 'old soul' rock band, Better Than Bacon, takes the stage at Alma's Only Bar tonight with mixed 'rock, jazz, blues, funk, psychedelic and jam with pleasing vocal harmonies.'

Better Than Bacon plays Alma’s Only Bar, that is – tonight. Here, the Fort Collins-based band breaks it down:

Everyone loves bacon, right? We wanted something fun and memorable and it never hurts to have our band name as a conversation piece to the actual music. We love meeting new people and it’s been an easy way for people to approach us.

Greasy rock ‘n’ roll. Media and press reviews point out our “old soul” approach of honoring the spirit and emotion of the music, while mixing elements of rock, jazz, blues, funk, psychedelic and jam with pleasing vocal harmonies.

We’d be the “Appalachian love hound” – a mixed-breed mutt living it up, adapting as we go and enjoying every minute of it.

Media and press reviews have compared us to bands such as Widespread Panic and the Allman Brothers, while we’ve also been referred to as a “rock-soul outfit” and a “funk meets grunge band that jams the blues.”

We’re a downhill four-piece rock ‘n’ roll band that features an acoustic guitar and two lead vocalists with drastically different textured voices that add a rich layer to the live performances.

In short: a music festival at a ski resort in Michigan, 12 angry bands, band managers sporting unicorn collections, fear and desolation in a cabin in the Northwoods, a near parking-lot brawl, a gypsy family band and feces on the floor – and that was all within a couple hours. Come and find us at set break and we’ll tell you the whole story.

Yes, it is. Feel free to move about the cabin, whether full-body or toe.