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Aragon: Republican women and the economy

The economy is and should be a concern for all women. However, the women in a Romney ad state they are voting for Mitt Romney because they believe he can do a better job than President Obama has done in bringing back the economy. They have not taken into consideration that Paul Ryan voted against and Mitt Romney said he would repeal the Lily Ledbetter Act that President Obama signed into law that requires women to be paid the same as men doing the same job. Repealing the act would deprive women and their families more than $400,000 over a lifetime.

Republican women also need to consider that not having control of their own bodies, no contraceptives, no right to an abortion even in cases of rape, would limit their employment. What employer would hire or promote a woman who can become pregnant under any circumstances and not be available to perform her duties? Breaking the glass ceiling would become a thing of the past. I would say to the women in the ad, these are some of the reasons for not voting for Mitt Romney for president.

Corina Aragon, Dillon