Aragon: Vote for Stiegelmeier |

Aragon: Vote for Stiegelmeier

Corina Aragon

Kevin Mastin is trying to bring partisanship to a position that is non-partisan. Back in February 2012, when Kevin Mastin decided to run for county commissioner he gave the reason that a Republican was needed on the board. He brought in the Republican talking points that the Democrats are tax and spent and he would not raise taxes and instead cut spending. Summit County has elected County Commissioners on the bases of who would best serve the county without regard to party. We need a woman’s perspective on the board more that we need a Republican. Karin Stiegelmeier has served this county well for the last four years. The budget has been balanced even with the drop in homeowner’s taxes without imposing taxes and fees to make up for the difference. She is a strong advocate for local business. Karn Stiegelmeier has worked bipartisan on a Colorado River Cooperative Agreement to protect water resources and recreation economy which is very important to this county. She is a strong environmentalist in protecting open space. We have a recreation path that is the envy of other counties which bring in tourists from across the state. Tax dollars have been saved with energy efficiency. And, the needy are not forgotten by maintaining a safety net. In promoting Kevin Mastin as a “solid business person” puts into mind the other business person who is running for president, Mitt Romney, who has a history of how he would run the country, no taxes cut spending even if the country’s needs are not met. If this is the kind of philosophy Kevin Mastin wants to bring to Summit County, we do not want it. Vote for Karin Stiegelmeier.

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