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Art on a Whim expands in Breckenridge

In December 2007, Art on a Whim opened its doors on Main Street in Breckenridge with a unique idea for an art gallery: Art should be fun.

In came prints of skiers buried up to their necks in snow and sculptures of dogs hanging their shaggy heads out of real Volkswagen car doors. Four years into the gallery’s operation, thousands of customers from all over the world will attest to the fact that the gallery is, well, really fun. Walk into the gallery today and you will find things to be quite different at 100 N. Main St. Art on a Whim’s artwork changes constantly – and now the gallery’s space has too.

Art on a Whim recently made a big jump and doubled the size of the gallery. The expansion of the gallery is a great thing for the arts in Summit County. More art on Summit County walls means more cultural opportunities and more art in Art on a Whim brings a lot more fun to the scene.

“The end of 2007 was probably a poor time to open an art gallery, given the doom and gloom that has swept our nation over the past few years in regards to the economic downturn our country has seen,” said Brian Raitman, owner of Art on a Whim owner. “However, we have always made it a point to spread a message of cheer and positivity to everyone that visits our gallery. We love to see people laugh, smile and generally have a very uplifting experience when they browse our space. The wit and the vibrant colors seen in the work we show make this place a lot of fun for us and our customers alike.”

As Art on a Whim began construction on its new space over the summer it was easy to spread the positive message. Here in small-town Breckenridge was a family-run business not only succeeding, but thriving, while Wall Street was twisting and turning its way through another tumultuous quarter. At the same time the Raitman family and their consistent stable of artists are always making sure to have fun every step of the way. From weekly artist demonstrations in the gallery to benefits for local organizations such as LAPS and the Wounded Warriors to linking with other local businesses to bring cupcakes, wine and massages to gallery visitors, the events in the gallery are consistently as engaging as the artwork on the walls.

Thanks to a focus on representing local artists and an insistence on only showing work that is hand-made in the United States, Art on a Whim is able to really set itself apart. The combination of the wide variety of mediums that can be found in the gallery and the quality of the artist’s work have gone a long way toward making the gallery a success. With twice the room to browse now, gallery visitors are able to spread out and really appreciate the unique work represented in the gallery. This helps a lot on days like Black Friday, when mixed-media artist Lelija Roy was working on painting a new waterfall in front of crowds numbering in the dozens throughout the day.

Today and Saturday, Art on a Whim celebrates both its fourth year anniversary and the official opening of its expanded space. To assist with the fun, artists such as Lelija Roy, Chris Lundy, Talia Swartz and more will be making guest appearances throughout the weekend. In addition, the gallery has partnered with masseuse Chuck LaFrano to offer complimentary chair massages and Rocky Mountain Cupcakes to sweeten the experience with their fabulous cupcakes. Refreshments will be served as well. For a sneak peek of the weekend’s festivities head to