Artist demos how she creates unique fabric works Sunday |

Artist demos how she creates unique fabric works Sunday

Kimberly Nicoletti
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Rose Legge views art as an ever-changing journey, which is ultimately an adventure of the soul.

“It’s as unlimited as the human experience can be,” she writes on her blog. “Color, line and pattern are a language of their own and express things that can’t be said any other way.”

She will demonstrate how she paints on fabrics and uses pieces to create unique artwork at 3 p.m. Sunday at the County Commons. The Summit County Arts Exhibit Committee juried her work to appear in the public building this month and last, but Legge’s house burned down, along with her sewing machine and her art.

“So this will be all new fabric pieces, and since we seldom showcase fabrics, this exhibit will be exceptional,” said chairperson Sandy Greenhut.

The Denver-based artist spent her first 45 years in Seattle, then decided to trade in the rain for more sunshine.

She uses simple techniques, such as painting on fabric and sewing odd-shaped pieces together, though she also fashions more traditional quilts.

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Last month, she experimented by drawing a butterfly on a manilla folder with Tulip dimensional paint, letting it dry, painting it with acrylics, then pressing it upon fabric she had already tie-dyed. She uses a similar technique by drawing on a foam plate with a pen, then painting over that with acrylics and pressing it on fabric. Some of her pieces resemble stained-glass art, while others are collages that include words.

She calls her work art quilting; she fits odd shapes together and embellishes them with stitching details and collage to add a depth and complexity rarely seen in the world of fabric.

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