Babbitt: Our next district attorney |

Babbitt: Our next district attorney

Randy Babbitt, Breckenridge

Have you heard him speak? This isn’t a politician, but a man who loves his job. I’m talking about Scott Turner, assistant DA in Judicial District 5. He’s the Republican candidate running for the DA position, which will be vacated by term-limited DA, Mark Hurlbert.

Just take a look at Scott’s website ( which details his experience and accomplishments? Impressive stuff. He’s light years ahead of his opponent. Scott recognizes the difference between those who have made a foolish mistake and those who are evil. He’s a huge supporter of organizations which help victims of sexual assault. He sees the value of mental health treatment in the rehabilitation process. He needs your vote in November to continue and extend his good work in the county and around the state. Scott Turner is a JD5 keeper!

Randy Babbitt, Breckenridge

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