Bergman: Wants administration with business experience |

Bergman: Wants administration with business experience

William A. Bergman, Keystone

I am one of those persons, in that “47%” who do not pay federal income taxes anymore. I worked as a lawyer and paid Social Security taxes until I was 75 and retired to Summit County.

My spouse and I depend for our living on our Social Security payout. If our present administration continues its current path to bankruptcy, who will continue paying all of us who depend on the federal government for all of part of our living ability?

We need an administration we can depend on to be financially viable to do this. We would much rather – and will – take our chances with a business experienced administration, whether considered greedy or what, then the one we have. The one we have believes in an equal distribution of wealth, but what happens when we no longer have any wealth to distribute?

William A. Bergman, Keystone

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