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Billeaud: Non-Democrat voted for Obama

Although I am a not a Democrat, I have just voted, by mail, for President Obama. here’s why, and why you should too:

1. On the very night of his inauguration, in the midst of an economic meltdown he inherited from the outgoing GOP administration, in the midst of the “wrong war” he like wise inherited, GOP congressional leaders held a private meeting, in which they vowed to do everything they could to completely oppose, obstruct, and bring failure upon the incoming president and administration.

2. During the entirety of the president’s first term, as the nation was attempting to recover from the foregoing disasters, GOP leaders and operatives aggressively, and often unprecedentedly, attacked and disrespected him, and his attempts at co-operation.

3. President Obama was immediately lauded around the world as a positive face of America, in stark contrast to the prior administration. Despite receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, he has relentlessly pursued our enemies, and eliminated many of them, most notably Osama bin Laden.

4. Mr. Romney, and even more so Mr. Ryan, have zero foreign policy experience or credentials. Worse, they have resurrected the team from the prior administration, who were total, abject failures from 9/10/ 2001 until the day they left office, and who should never be allowed make decisions about this nation’s security or foreign policy ever again.

5. Mr. Romney has expressed doubt and disdain over the issue of climate change, and has literally laughed at the President’s efforts to combat it.

6. The rights of women, gays, and minorities are important to me, and to the president, but not to Mr. Romney and his running mate, by their own admissions, and lack thereof.

7. GOP election officials have continually mounted efforts to suppress the right to vote, and to cut back on voting times and accessibility, even to the point where the conservative Supreme Court had to rein them in. They still continue to try despite this. In my opinion, this is un-American, and strikes at the very heart of our democracy.

Ironically, the only voter fraud cases I am aware of this election cycle involve Republican voter fraud attempts. Theres’s more, but I am over my allotted word count.

Ed Billeaud, Breckenridge