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Billeaud: Romney a different type of Mormon

Although I have Mormon friends whom I love, it is obvious that many Mormons, like many Christians, follow the spirit but not the letter. Try to be a good person, yes. But Romney is different. He is a bishop, and comes from a polygamist, hard-core sect. So, what does he believe, as per the teachings of the Book of Mormon? 1. Women are servants 2. Dark skinned people are inferior 3. It is OK for Bishops to lie in furtherance of the progress of their church. 4. Their church supercedes their country 5. The United States is meant to eventually be under Mormon law and dominion 6. The end times will occur when the U.S. is ruled by a Mormon 7. Ultimately, the Planet Kolob has the final say in things. 8. “Good” people are rewarded with riches, and conversely, those who are not rich are not good people. There’s more, if you doubt any of this, please just read the BOM for yourself, it’s all in there, all true. Obviously, if you look at Romney’s behavior, all these beliefs explain and match up exactly with his behavior, especially the “OK to lie” part. Totally serious and objective when I say this. Like so many people of all faiths have done in the past, he has rationalized in his own mind the words of his religion to justify doing whatever he feels is necessary to try to gain power. That’s the truth, as ugly as it is, the truth.