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Billeaud: Wickert in denial

Although he twists the focus of my earlier letter (SDN Oct. 20) from “some supporters” of Mitt Romney to falsely accuse me of attacking Mr. Romney himself, I will still make an effort to expose Alan Wickert (SDN Oct. 27) to something called the truth, with which he is apparently unfamiliar.

I can see that Mr. Wickert writes letters to newspapers; what is doubtful is that he reads newspapers. Unlike my observation directed against specific acts on the part of some, he takes the low road in disparaging me personally, and “many liberals”, effectively accusing a majority of us as being habitual liars. Ironic, even though false, because the man he supports, and his running mate, have actually demonstrated that trait so often as for it to have become common knowledge and widely recognized as fact.

Be that as it is, perhaps some of the “documentation” Mr. Wickert demands to see (as so many of his persuasion seem to need “documentation” for everything from the President’s birth certificate to onerous voter ID requirements, ruled illegal by the courts) can be found in even a cursory perusal of recent news stories, i.e. shooting into Obama campaign office in Denver; aforementioned partisan attempts to suppress and intimidate voters; vandalism perpetrated against Obama supporters; Mr. Romney himself on tape telling CEO’s to threaten their employees with regard to voting, and the many wealthy CEO’s who have followed that direction; the continual stream of slurs uttered by the right wing media against Mr. Obama; the recent statements by Mr. Sununu of the Romney campaign that General Colin Powell’s endorsement was based on race; the subsequent statement by Mr. Powell’s former chief of staff, Col. Wilkerson, a Republican, that “my party is full of racists”; and a recent Associated Press poll that finds the following:

“Republicans were more likely than Democrats to express racial prejudice in the questions measuring explicit racism (79 percent among Republicans compared with 32 percent among Democrats)”

Despite these and mountainous amounts of similar “documentation”, I know of course that Mr. Wickert will remain in denial, and simply refuse to acknowledge the truth. That has become the unfortunate pattern among Romney supporters, as any honest person will attest.

So, in spite of his baseless accusations against me, and clumsy attempt to twist the facts, I most certainly stand by everything I said previously about the despicable tactics of some Romney supporters, and by his false statements, Mr. Wickert has unfortunately, but perhaps willingly, added himself to that sad retinue.

Ed Billeaud, Breckenridge