Bizline: Get your tutorial on with BizBolts |

Bizline: Get your tutorial on with BizBolts

Special to the Daily

Special to the Daily

A: BizBolts is a collection of multimedia tutorials covering the ‘nuts and bolts’ of business start-up information. We help aspiring entrepreneurs and time-strapped small business owners navigate the maze of start-up details. While there is lots of information available on the Internet and from other resources, you can waste hours and days looking through it all. And, if you ‘don’t know what you don’t know’, it’s difficult to search effectively. We put the information together in a graphical format that’s easy to navigate, offers virtual handholding, and includes valuable links and resources.We plan on offering workshops in the county because we know lots of people have set up or would like to launch their ventures here.

A: Both of us have lived in Summit County for years. We decided to launch our Web business here because it gives us the best of everything – a great place to work, a great place to play! Above all, we’re about balance.

A: Both of us have started and managed a variety of small companies selling both products and services, across many industries. Wendy has extensive manufacturing experience, and she was a pioneer in going to China, before it became a business standard. She has helped small companies sell their products on QVC and other in-demand markets. Cate’s experience is in marketing and Internet business. She was the first employee and VP of marketing for a start-up that was subsequently acquired by a larger, publicly held company. It’s the breadth and depth of experience that allows us to bring the greatest value and lots of ideas.

A: We bridge the gap between do-it-yourself, learn-as-you-go on the one end, and finding and hiring experts to do it all for you on the other. The first costs little or no money but lots of time and dead-ends, and the potential for big mistakes. The other one costs a lot more and may be prohibitive for some entrepreneurs. We also are unique in that we look at the big picture. Many start-up services focus only on one thing like financials or business plans. We cover every important business topic, including marketing. Our multimedia tutorials are fast and easy. The information is presented in a clear, helpful way. We call it ‘virtual’ handholding. If you need ‘real’ handholding, we offer affordable consulting services as well.

A: As two women of a certain age (let’s say one mature and one baby-boomer!), we hope to work with other women entrepreneurs and small business owners. Yet we are interested in helping aspiring entrepreneurs of all kinds. Anyone who is really serious about their business idea!

A: We hope to license our tutorials to schools, franchises and any organization looking for an easy, fun way to help people bring their business ideas to life and operate a successful venture.

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