Bizline: The Conundrum Group LLC offers new legal services in Summit County |

Bizline: The Conundrum Group LLC offers new legal services in Summit County

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A: We provide premium legal services at affordable rates. We practice in the areas of business, real estate, natural resources, trademarks, family, criminal and mediation.

A: We both grew up in Connecticut and then spent the beginning of our legal careers practicing at mid to large firms in Denver. We have always loved the small-town feel and mentality, and after having a baby this past April we decided to make the lifestyle change and move to the mountains. We believe there is a need in Summit County for attorneys with big-city experience and we look forward to serving the community and their legal needs.

A: We are different from other law firms because we are always focused on solutions. We believe in long-term client relationships and representing our clients’ interests and problems as if they were our own. We treat everyone with respect and maintain the highest levels of professionalism. We use technology to streamline legal work, which reduces the cost of the legal services.

A: Businesses, professionals and families.

A: We’ve had a great start so far, representing clients locally and across the country. We look forward to eventually expanding more into the Mountain West, but have no plans to go corporate. Smaller shops are much more nimble and can adjust better to technological advances. This helps expedite and lower the cost of legal services. For that reason, we never intend to get too big. And we’ll always stay true to our core values – client relationships and cost effective problem-solving.

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