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Bloszies: Debunking the ‘firsts’

Re: “Can’t afford 4 more years, by Dorthe McNaul, letters, Nov. 1

Obama did not apply for college aid as a foreign student. That was an April Fools joke. Why would he do that after graduating from a U.S. high school?

Not sure why Obama should disclose his medical records, educational records or travel records. To appease the conspiracy theorists I suppose. And the rumor that they were sealed by the court (whatever that means) is not true.

Obama didn’t go on an “apology tour” or an “insult our friends tour.” This was a weak attempt by Romney of discrediting Obama. Personally, I like Obama’s approach to relations with other countries. U.S. doesn’t need to be and can’t afford to be the world’s bully.

Obama has treated the military with the utmost respect.

Obama didn’t cut the credit rating, he inherited all the issues which caused the credit rating cut. What he did do is prevent a total collapse of the US’s credit rating.

Obama used the term “shovel ready” once. The fact is it takes lots of planning to get a project to “shovel ready” and he admitted that later. He didn’t spend a trillion dollars on projects that never happened as some have insinuated, they just weren’t shovel ready from the beginning.

Arizona deserved the lawsuit after their total disregard of federal law and the rights of citizens.

Obama had every right to suggest the Chrysler CEO should resign. They needed a wake up call. Oh, and it worked.

The Obama’s don’t pay their dog trainer $102,000 per year with taxpayer money. The dog trainer earns $102,000 per year, from all of his clients. And the Obama’s paid for it out of their own pocket. There is also buzz about the Obama’s flying their dog in its own plane for their Maine vacation. Also false. The Obama’s and staff took two planes because they were landing at a small airport. The dog went with the staff, it didn’t have its own plane.

First lady doesn’t have 22 “personal assistants.” She has a staff that do a lot of good work on some very important causes. Mrs. Bush had 18.

Obama repeated a portion of the Quoran and said the call to prayer was one of the most beautiful sounds on earth. So what, and if you haven’t heard it how do you know? He’s actually paying respect to a huge and peaceful portion of the world’s population. He’s also said that he would not hesitate to use force against anyone who threatens the US. I think that’s the right approach. And all this rhetoric about him being a Muslim. Please stop this nonsense. Go to and read all the sections on this topic. It includes long lists of out of context and edited quotes alongside the original quotes. There is a ton of material here, all debunking this ridiculous theory.

Unfortunately, a very scary form of right wing rhetoric has effectively gotten into people heads. This includes the bashing of a what the right-wing labels “the liberal media” who they “don’t believe.” Objectivity, the new right wing bias. Don’t hear what you like, call it biased. The falsehood’s win!