Boulder jury deliberating in Summit County man’s trial |

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Boulder jury deliberating in Summit County man’s trial

1010CLARK1.jpg Michael Clark heads toward the courtroom with family and friends at the Boulder County Justice Center in Boulder, Colorado October 10, 2012. Clark is accused of the 1994 murder of Boulder city worker Marty Grisham.DAILY CAMERA/ MARK LEFFINGWELL

BOULDER – There’s no verdict yet in the trial of a Summit County man accused of killing a former city of Boulder employee.

Jurors in the trial of Michael Clark started deliberating Thursday and left the courthouse Friday with no announcement of a verdict.

Clark is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Marty Grisham, who was shot after answering a knock at the door on Nov. 1, 1994. Clark was friends with Grisham’s daughter and pleaded guilty at the time to theft and forgery for stealing and using Grisham’s checks. He has denied killing Grisham.

The Daily Camera reports that in closing trial arguments, a prosecutor said Clark is the only person who had the motive and means to kill Grisham.

Clark’s lawyer says police haven’t found concrete evidence.