Breckenridge maps powder spots using Foursquare |

Breckenridge maps powder spots using Foursquare

The Associated Press

BRECKENRIDGE – Breckenridge Ski Resort now offers more than discounts on Foursquare: It’s mapping where to find some of its best powder.

The resort’s online marketing manager Morgan Bast says sharing what locals say are the best runs on a certain day can help other visitors have a better time.

She says the resort wanted to be sensitive to locals who can be protective of their favorite spots for powder. So its list compiling the “secret stashes” that visitors have marked on their own merely point out a run. People still have to explore a bit to find the good snow.

Heavenly does something similar.

Breckenridge uses several social networks, plus Vail Resorts Inc.’s EpicMix application, to interact with visitors but says it wanted to be on Foursquare too.

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