Breckenridge to boost plowing, transit in 2013 |

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Breckenridge to boost plowing, transit in 2013

Summit Daily/Mark Fox

Drawing back on the sharp cuts to services that were part of the post-recession reset, Breckenridge officials green-lighted additional funding for snow plowing and summer transit at a budget discussion Wednesday.

The additional dollars – approximately $75,000 for street maintenance and just over $80,000 for the Breckenridge Free Ride – will allow for the hire of three new part-time snowplow drivers and reinstate hourly service on two bus routes servicing largely local neighborhoods.

Breckenridge will continue to plow on a priority-basis during snowstorms.

“This increase will allow us to service the core of town faster, before moving the to other priorities,” Breckenridge spokeswoman Kim Dyststra-DiLallo said.

The extra money will allow the town public works department to contract out for additional snow removal support if the weather calls for it, and enable town staffers to work overtime.

Following community requests for increased summer bus service, the additional funding dedicated to transit will reinstate two hourly routes in the warmer months on a trial basis. If numbers show riders aren’t using the routes, they could be discontinued in the future.

“I would only do it with the caveat that you can show us that you can maintain the route and keep the ridership up and make these numbers,” Councilwoman Jen McAtmaney said during Tuesday’s budget discussion. “If you can, great, the route stays. If you don’t make the ridership numbers, the route goes.”

Breckenridge’s budget for next year also provides for a number of capital projects – including the renovation of the old CMC building as a new library, a nearly $2.5 million spend for the town – and 4 percent merit increases for town employees.

Town council members also agreed to extend a $500 recreation credit to members of the Breckenridge Planning Commission and Breckenridge Open Space Advisory Committee.

Town officials say the 2013 budget is balanced.

Next year’s financial plan projects a 1 percent increase over this year’s projected budget.

Breckenridge overspent its budget in 2012, but reserves are still strong, according to town officials.