Brown: Hamner deserves your vote |

Brown: Hamner deserves your vote

Bonnie Brown

Millie Hamner has earned another term as state representative and deserves your vote. In her first term, she demonstrated her leadership ability by sponsoring several key legislative bills and working across party lines to enable good things to happen for the citizens of Colorado.

Millie is not a politician, but is a professional educator who in her retirement has chosen to continue to serve her community and state. She brings a strong knowledge and deep understanding of our complex educational system to the legislative process. In areas outside of her expertise, she researches the topic and seeks out opinions in order to make a sound decision.

I trust Millie to represent me because I know she will bring to the position those qualities I admired in her when we were colleagues. Those qualities include her caring and compassionate nature, exceptional listening skills, ability to work for the best solution, strong mediation skills, and a commitment to give her best.

A longtime resident of the Western Slope, Mille is an advocate for our unique mountain community. When the district expanded this year, she worked hard to seek out the opinions and to learn the concerns and issues of her new constituents.

I hope you will join me in voting for Millie Hamner for House District 61 representative. She is a bright and dedicated individual who will serve us well.

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