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Elan Life-Spa combines health and beauty

Jessica Smith
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The word elan means “an enthusiastic and assured vigor and liveliness,” as well as “distinctive and stylish elegance.” All of those can be found at the Elan Life-Spa, which is holding its grand opening today, from 4-7 p.m. in Silverthorne.

Elan Life-Spa is the brainchild of Colleen LeeAnn Meheen, combining her passion for health and beauty into one location. Rather than focusing merely on the surface, as is the case with many spas, Meheen intends to offer a wide range of skin and health enhancements, from the traditional skin treatments and massage therapy, to holistic services, nutritional and diet therapy, allergy elimination and more.

Studies in formal portraiture, color theory and fashion design have aided Meheen in designing her spa.

“My passion for arts, health and the sphere of expressive beauty drew me to the spa industry,” Meheen said, “and in assisting others to obtain optimal health in their bodies, which leads to extravagant and radiant beauty on the outside.”

In her work with makeup application and various skin conditions, Meheen soon realized a connection between skin and the digestive system, diet and allergies. Therefore, the therapies offered at Elan Life-Spa work to enhance the skin and outer beauty by improving the internal workings of the body.

Offerings at the spa range from well-known techniques such as massage and acupuncture, to more technological and scientific procedures such as migun therapy and equisync brain technology.

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Migun therapy involves infrared heat, which penetrates deep into the muscles, relying on acupressure points to relieve muscle tension, inflammation and fatigue. Equisync brain technology combines with the migun therapy to create an aspect of mental wellness. Specific sounds, tones and patterns of sound prompt specific patterns in the brain, such as deep REM sleep and deep states of meditation. The purpose is to reduce anxiety and induce a restful and creative state of mind.

The spa itself embodies Meheen’s principles of organic health and wellness. Its spacious layout intends a soothing as well as sophisticated atmosphere. Even the paint is healthy, free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which sometimes leach into the air and cause health problems.

“When I began designing this space, I wanted it to be bright, elegant, clean and beautiful, but above all, it had to be safe and healthy,” Meheen said.

All products sold at the spa are organic, healthy and sustainable. According to Meheen, our bodies receive more than enough chemicals every day from a variety of sources. None of the products were tested on animals, and the companies that produce them are concerned with reducing their footprint in all areas of production.

“As a business owner, it is my responsibility to not only perpetuate abundance within my spa, but within every facet of my sphere of influence,” Meheen said.

The practitioners of Elan Life-Spa have a variety of areas of expertise, including traditional Chinese medicine, nutrition, neuromuscular therapy, holistic health, chronic pain and sports injuries.

The Elan Life-Spa also donates a percentage of its skin care treatment profits to the Center for Disfigurement, a nonprofit 501(c)3 charity that provides care to children disfigured from birthmarks or war injuries, as well as women and children victims of domestic violence. The center also has programs in place for gang tattoo removal and disaster relief work.

“I love life, and want to assist other in loving their lives and living at the highest level,” said Meheen. “We will invest ourselves fully in assisting you in whatever way possible to see you discover the abundant life you were destined to live.”

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