Moose Jaw deemed ‘beloved landmark’ by shirt makers |

Moose Jaw deemed ‘beloved landmark’ by shirt makers

Kathryn Corazzelli
Summit Daily News

Special to the Daily The Moose shirt by LoyalTee.

A Denver-based T-shirt business featuring beloved Colorado landmarks chose to highlight the Moose Jaw restaurant in Frisco on one of its tees.

LoyalTee shirts feature popular independent businesses, with hang-tag postcards that tell the backstory of each place. The shirts are a nod to Colorado’s unique and legendary local hotspots and are aimed to appeal to residents, experts and tourists alike. Business owners have final approval on the design, and a percentage of each shirt’s sales goes directly to the featured establishment.

Company owner Andrea Burns said she chose to feature the Moose Jaw after a few former Frisco residents said the eatery was “the obvious choice.”

“They’ve been around a long time, they have a lot of character and they give a lot of character to the town,” Burns said. “They make it a different place than it would be without them.”

The building that now houses the Moose Jaw was built in the 1950s in Dillon, and served as a home for the people who built the Dillon Dam and reservoir. Up until the Moose Jaw started up in 1973, the building served as a grocery store, furniture store, donut shop and various cafes. Today, the restaurant is a popular place to stop for burgers or beers.

Lynda Colety, who has owned the Moose Jaw for 37 years, said she was honored her restaurant was chosen as a beloved Colorado landmark.

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“I’m very pleased with the product,” she said. “It’s a no-brainer.”

Denver residents Andrea Burns and Todd Culter started LoyalTee in 2010, after Burns developed the idea as part of a graduate school project at CU Denver. Working with the Auraria Higher Education Center, they created their first shirt: a throwback Tivoli beer label from the old Tivoli brewery in Denver.

The company sells eight different designs, with more in the pipeline. Other featured establishments include Stella’s Coffeehaus in Denver, the Johnson’s Corner truck stop in Johnstown and the Rocky Flats Lounge in Boulder. Dearly departed Denver icons the Tivoli Brewery and Mile High Stadium are also featured.

“Colorado’s scenic beauty isn’t the only thing that makes it unique,” said Burns. “We hope our shirts remind people to go out and discover what’s authentic about their town, or the town they’re visiting, and support these unforgettable places.”

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