The new side of Frisco’s Jonny G’s |

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The new side of Frisco’s Jonny G’s

Summit Daily/Jessica Smith

There’s plenty to see at eye level in downtown Frisco, but sidewalk ramblers can open themselves to completely new experiences just by looking up a little bit. They can discover Jonny G’s Bar, Nightclub & Pizzeria, for instance, located on the second floor of the Frisco Mall building on Main Street.

Jon Greco came to Summit County in the ’90s, drawn by the snowy peaks and skiing opportunities. He spent his time off the slopes tending bar at the Backcountry Brewery. After three years, he was ready for more, and so he started his own bar – Jonny G’s.Since then, the business has been thriving. Jonny G’s made a name for itself as a lively place after dark. Rotating DJs, live bands and a wide dance floor catered perfectly to these needs.But Greco isn’t the type to just let things sit. If there’s more to do, then he’s thinking about doing it. In 2010, Jonny G’s went through an expensive remodeling process, including replacing carpet with new hard flooring, painting the ceilings, replacing round bar tables with longer dining tables, and, biggest of all, adding a kitchen.Since then, the menu has been continually changing and expanding. Far from being exhausted by all the changes and extra work, Greco says he feel rejuvenated, and is looking at what he can do to add more.Unlike some bar owners who only show up for a few hours over the weekend, Greco is very hands-on. He tends bar, of course, but also tries his hand in the kitchen. One of his biggest bragging points is the red sauce, which comes from his mother’s personal recipe. “I wanted to give her a legacy,” Greco said.

Not content with catering to the denizens and dancers of the night, Greco has been working to draw in other crowds. To woo the lunch crowd, Greco has set up a row of dining tables lined up against windows looking out on Main Street. The food complements the view, with the expanded menu providing ample opportunities for customers to stuff themselves with filling lunch options.Greco says that the chicken parmesan and meatball parmesan are his most popular sandwiches, though he prefers the Jonny G’steaks (a pun on Philly cheese steaks). Their main draw, however, is their pizzas, which Greco claims is the closest to authentic New York-style available in Summit County. Dough and sauce are made from scratch, and come smothered in high-quality cheese. For sports fans, Greco added no less than 10 high-definition television screens, including a huge one over the door. During games, couches and chairs are pulled up on the dance floor to create a living room type atmosphere, only rowdier and with a full-service bar and kitchen attached.But just because he’s expanding his clientele doesn’t mean he’s abandoning his old one. “We still do want to be that fun place in town that people seek out for entertainment,” Greco said. “As much as we concentrate on offering food and price and service, we concentrate on having lots of fun stuff on at night.”The atmosphere changes around 10 p.m., when dinner is over and the night life begins. In addition to music and dancing, Jonny G’s holds trivia contests, poker nights, karaoke and more. There are also of course the main bar fixtures of pool tables, foosball and darts.

Greco has found yet another niche to fill this winter season. Starting around mid-November, Jonny G’s will offer food delivery within the town of Frisco, free of charge. The delivery options include the entire menu, not just the pizzas.Adding the delivery aspect was the third step of the plan that Greco has had since the remodel two years ago, what he calls the “rebirth of Jonny G’s.””We invite people to come in and try and tell us what they think,” Greco said. “I still hear to this day, people say ‘ah, Jonny G’s, I’m too old for that place.’ That’s not it at all. We have a fun and casual environment for everybody.”