Capozzella: Best reasons to oppose Obama |

Capozzella: Best reasons to oppose Obama

Vincent Capozzella

Let’s list the reasons to oppose President Obama and select the reason most reasonable for Republicans.

A good reason is abortion. Some want to do away with Roe V. Wade and criminalize abortion. No, you can’t prohibit abortion without criminalizing the act and telling women and doctors that they face a felony if they do it. Perhaps an alternative is to require vaginal probes and other demeaning procedures to discourage this activity by irresponsible women.

Obama insists on doing away with the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and his re-election would stop Romney from passing more tax cuts for the super wealthy. The “trickledown theory” failed during the Regan, George H. and George W. Bush administrations but doesn’t mean it couldn’t work in the future. There has to be some legitimacy in the belief that giving more money to millionaires and billionaires might, just might, encourage them to invest more in the economy than Swiss bank accounts.

Obamacare! Just the name elicits hatred. Imagine giving free health care to the very poor. Can’t the poor and uneducated get a job to get health care. Sure there are millions of children that would suffer but they are the ones with poor, shiftless parents. Anyway, they can always go to the emergency room for really prompt service.

Obama wants to give the middle class and poor more opportunities to attend college or trade school. Yet the assistance would be paid by those who pay plenty of taxes. Most of the college age students I know are children of successful parents and don’t need this assistance. Perhaps we need to learn a lesson from the South prior to the Civil War who outlawed education for the _____. Let’s face it; you don’t need an education to do labor jobs. Look what education has done for the Obamas.

The President wants to assist and continue Planned Parenthood. At least 5 percent of this organization’s resources are used for abortions. The remaining 95% is used for ultra sounds and other female related problems that perhaps save lives. If we can save the lives of thousands of unwanted fetuses at the expense of thousands of lives loss to cancer, it’s perhaps an acceptable trade. It goes back to the previous position of getting a job and paying for health care. Obama is way too soft and humane to be president.

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What religion is the President and where was he born? If he is a Muslim and not a Christian like he swears, then he doesn’t deserve to be the President of us true white Americans. Likewise if he wasn’t born in the United States he doesn’t deserve to be president. Besides the Constitutional requirement, people not born in our country are suspect.

Finally the strongest reason I suspect to reject the President is something much deeper. Not wanting someone to be President isn’t unusual. I was against George W. Bush because of his wars and economic policies favoring the rich but I didn’t hate him. Hatred is much stronger than mere opposition or desire to replace. It goes to the very core of our soul. Most of those admitting hatred often site “him being different” of being “un-American” of being “an outsider” and “of not having the values of our forefathers.” In other words, he’s black and it’s bad enough that the majority of Americans are no longer white and Christian but how does it look to be led by someone of his race. Wow, it’s finally out in the open. Oh sure, most will deny it but it’s hard to justify hatred for a man trying to provide the underprivileged healthcare, education and the opportunity to stop cancer. Does support of abortion, gay rights, the elimination of Osma Bin Laden, and the elimination of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” justify total and unquestionable hatred? No! It’s only an excuse for race hatred.

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