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Capozzella: Gun sanity

I recently read an opinion by Guy Pacot supporting any type of gun to protect himself from something in the future. I assume he thinks the world will soon evolve into a Mad Max, zombie or vampire future. I have had a past where I wore a gun for 12 years as a federal law enforcement officer, carried an AR15 for a year in Vietnam, had until a couple of years ago a large (approximately 75) gun collection of primarily early Americana and WWII pistols and some rifles and was an avid hunter. I never owned an assault weapon such as an AR15 and when I carried one in Vietnam it was to kill as many of the enemy as possible. I believe ownership of assault weapons and large clips is insane and you need one of these objects to kill people.

The NRA recommended arming teachers and putting security into every school. Since my children are no longer in school and those with children may see nothing wrong with this setting, I frankly don’t care, although it is insane. However, I did notice that the agencies who want to train the teachers are teaching them how to use handguns. With my experience, I would happily defend myself in my house against armed intruders if I had a hand gun and they had an assault rifle. In close quarters a handgun is the superior weapon. True, if an idiot wants to murder unarmed groups of children or people or future zombies, an assault weapon with a 30 or 100 round clip is the preferred weapon. The bottom line is that assault weapons and large clips are for killing people, not for defending your home or hunting. The only people supporting these items are the NRA, future killers and the 10 percent of the nuts supporting them.

Since I don’t see our elected leaders turning down the NRA”s millions to get re-elected, my suggestion is for everyone to strap a handgun to the outside of their clothing and carrying a shotgun or rifle in public places. Try walking around in places where our elected officials and judges hang out. Heck, walk around on the college campuses, churches, restaurants, bars, parking lots and downtown areas that allow weapons. Contrary to popular opinion, even the people living in the old west or revolutionary days would have found this insane.

Vincent Capozzella,