Capozzella: Racism exists |

Capozzella: Racism exists

Vincent Capozzella, Breckenridge

I reported prior to the election of President Obama the belief that the most important reason for the hatred of the President was racism. It didn’t seem logical then or now for those opposed to him to hate him so violently if their differences were political or even religious. I mentioned discussing this issue after church with a friend and mentioned the fact that the state of Alabama continues to have the policy of segregation in their constitution. In 2004 a vote to remove segregation failed by 1,850 votes and I made a symbolic wager that a vote to be held in 2012 would fail by a larger margin because of the racial hatred by that state and millions of others toward the president.

My friend reasoned that the United States has become much more tolerant toward racial minorities and segregation would be removed. He saw our country’s hope for total equality and I saw the reality of hatred. Incidentally, I lived in Alabama for two years in the 1960s during segregation. It is a disgusting example of one of the worst policies in our past history. Alabama has difficulty accepting their military defeat in the Civil War which is shown by their continuous defense of the Confederate flag. Keeping segregation in their constitution was an example of their rejection of racial equality.

In this year’s election and Alabama’s vote on their constitution, the forces of hatred won. The removal of segregation failed by over 365,000 voters from a state known for their evangelical faith (61 percent of 1.9 million people voted to keep segregation). I must admit some people may have voted against the removal because those in favor of segregation refused to include removing offensive constitutional language that didn’t guarantee a public education for their children. I can understand their position. If you wish for the good old days of segregating blacks, why would you promise to give them a public education?

To me this election has been a sad period in our country’s history. It took the mask off the faces of many, many people who had difficulty being led by a black leader and the realization their votes were simply equal to a bunch of blacks, hispanics, asians and Native Americans. Opposition is not hatred. Moving our country forward regardless of position cannot be accomplished by hatred. After getting that $1 in my hand, I shall attempt to convince my friend to bet on the tea party and Republican Party leaders compromising on taxes and reductions. Not going to happen in a meaningful way.

Vincent Capozzella, Breckenridge

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