Capozzella: Racism exists |

Capozzella: Racism exists

Vincent Capozzella

This week I received an email from my older sister and her husband who are in their 70s and live in Arizona. The message contained political caricatures showing President Obama and his wife, Michelle, in the most disgusting manner. Obama was drawn with big ears and lips and resembled a mix between a human and monkey. I was extremely offended since the racists who drew and disseminated the material are racially attacking the president of the United States and thought I would find it appropriate and amusing.

I do find it amusing that a majority of Romney supporters attack the president in such a manner to suggest they hate him totally. When you ask them why they oppose Obama so violently, they have to be very creative. It’s Obamacare. Really! They hate a president who has given millions of Americans and their children health care. They ignore the fact that past presidents (both Republican and Democrat) have tried and failed to accomplish this goal. I believe it’s because a majority of the health care recipients are minorities and the poor. It’s the debt. They ignore the president who started and fought two wars on a credit card. It’s taxes. Yet they can’t explain how Romney will pay for his tax breaks to the wealthy. It’s abortion. Again they acknowledge Romney has been all over the map on this position but believe he will do the right thing. It’s the wars. Hate the man who has ended one war and has scheduled the end of the other war while love Romney who has been on each side of ending the wars and will probably start another war with Iran. Are these issues enough to hate the president?

A friend and I were discussing this issue and I mentioned hatred in states like Alabama which will be voting in Nov. 6 to remove their segregation mandate from their constitution. We made a symbolic $1 bet whether the voters will remove this offensive racial law. In 2004 the voters narrowly voted to keep the law and assuming people get better in time, the law should be stricken from their constitution. That was before the American voters imposed a black president on them. If they’re racists, they will keep the law by a bigger margin.

Finally, the haters of President Obama are like my sister “closet racists.” She will defend her actions as being based on logical political values. Yet, a person can’t defend themselves with an argument that they attended the KKK meeting but aren’t racists because they didn’t wear a sheet over their head. If you hate this president, then look into the deep recess of your soul and you won’t find the man who preached “love.”

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