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Capozzella: The case against Romney

I keep asking without success the Tea Party and “severely conservative” Republican voters to defend any of these issues which I find incredible. Let’s try it again.

Romney was against equal pay for women and is on the record saying he would have vetoed the Libby Ledbetter Act. Now he’s okay with it although when asked at the second debate ignored the question and instead told us about his “binders” of women. Is it possible the greatest CEO in the world (Bain Capital) and constant candidate for any office didn’t know any qualified women? I would guess his first selections for qualified women begin with Harriet Nelson and the Beaver’s mother.

Will someone go on the record and declare before God and voters that Romney will not eliminate tax deductions for education, mortgages, real estate taxes, state tax and contributions. I believe he wants to eliminate all these deductions to give more tax breaks to multi-millionaires and billionaires. Romney continues to avoid this issue and frankly I’m a little uneasy about someone being a coward to tell the truth.

Fifteen percent of the American public and probably a higher percentage of Tea Partiers believe Romney was responsible for killing Osama Bin Laden. I thought Romney said he wouldn’t spend time or money hunting Bin Laden. Previously the Tea Party was critical of the President for killing terrorists without a trial. Is Romney really taking credit for this action or are 15 percent totally stupid?

What’s the story about Romney’s money being placed in secret accounts in the Cayman Islands, Switzerland and Monaco? Is he hiding his money to escape paying taxes in the United States? Okay I’m envious of the money he has but I really must admit, I don’t regret paying my fair share. Gosh, I just remembered that I’m retired military and pay very little tax and therefore must be a burden on the wealthy and lazy member of the 47 percent.

Explain Romney’s position on ending the war in Afganistan. Two years ago Romney was against leaving this country before achieving victory and now agrees with the President on pulling our troops in 2014. However, he disagrees with the President on setting a date which will let the enemy know when we are leaving although he likes the year (2014). I think we all know that Romney has no idea when to pull our troops and is waiting for the defense spending lobbyists to order him to continue the war. Perhaps he will even lead us to war with Iran.

When Romney was governor of Massachusetts, he believed in global warming. After being corrected by the oil and coal lobbyists, he now believes the earth is exactly the way it was when God created it a few thousand years ago. Does he now believe in global warming? Does he believe in evolution? No one knows.

President Obama isn’t the best friend of the oil industry and wants to eliminate the subsidy they claim to so desperately need and deserve. Romney is for the subsidy. Does the oil industry really need tax payer money when their profits are presently the highest since the beginning of time? Romney believes the present recession began because of Obama’s policies although it began two years before he became President. Selective amnesia is a wonderful trait.

Romney believes the United States has to be tough with Iran, Russia, North Korea, all Muslim countries and China. He has said a military confrontation is on the table. Sure, if one of these countries attacked the United States we must retaliate but would we attack them first if they don’t back down? True conservatives seem to be more comfortable with war then liberals. The majority of the country can’t possibly want war merely for a Romney administration to pretend to be tough. Imagine if we used less for defense spending and more for education and infrastructure. No one wants a weak U.S. but we don’t need to spend more on defense than the combined expenditures of the next 40 countries.

As I said, I’m challenging the Tea Party and Republican advocates to publically reject or embrace these issues. Obviously Romney is prepared to reject and embrace every issue. Has there ever been a candidate who was more of a flip-flopper? The man is unwilling to explain his views: on taxes (other than tax breaks for the wealthy); abortion in cases of rape and incest; elimination of deductions; equal pay for women; education assistance for the needy; ending the war in Afghanistan; voter repression of the old, young and minorities; and why no one in his family has ever served in our country’s military. This man is a disgrace in terms of integrity and truthfulness although he is desperate to become president and Republicans are desperate to replace that minority guy leading our country.

Vincent Capozzella, Breckenridge