Chisholm: Common sense may save our nation again |

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Chisholm: Common sense may save our nation again

On Christmas Eve the ice of the Delaware River had amassed in huge blocks. The army of George Washington had just retreated across this dangerous flood. Now the rumor raced through the ranks that Washington was planning on recrossing the torrent for a Christmas surprise for the Army of the tyrant King George. Common sense told everyone the ice could easily crush any small boat attempting to return to the other side. In the late afternoon the campfires were the only comfort and salvation for the few thousand men in rags and war worn shoes. The low snow-laden clouds made the light of the fires the only place the most talked about pamphlet of the century could be read aloud to those gathered. The soldiers were the sad dispirited survivors of long months of losing battle after battle in New York and New Jersey. George Washington had the wonderful gift of genius to have the writing of Tomas Paine’s “Common Sense” and the Declaration of Independence and the Bible read to the last remnants of his Continental Army. It inspired the despairing army to continue the fight for our freedom.

That Christmas Eve was the turning point of our great experiment in our fight for Freedom as a nation. The freezing soldiers returned to the battle field in the most remarkable example courage and of man’s quest for liberty ever shown. Three battles were fought and won in the next few days. Five years later they conquered the English King’s army in the springtime battle of Yorktown.

Our nation has been on the wrong side of the river of freedom for the past years. We are being attacked by an enemy our government will not fully acknowledge and the same government offers apologies [not protection] for our volunteer patriots attempting to show the whole world the great truths of freedom. These simple truths are that “We were endowed by our Creator with the unalienable right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” But our leaders tell us to lay our military aside there is no reason to worry; we will spend ourselves rich by borrowing money from anyone – friend or foe. John Adams warned us that the tyranny of the sword and the tyranny of debt are the two dangers to America’s freedom. Today we have both. We will only tax the working rich and working poor [our children and grand children] and live in a newly leveled playing field similar to Russia, China, and Cuba. The new government mandates will take care of the unwanted unborn and unwanted elderly with euthanasia and abortion. The culture of death is the mandated solution for millions of Americans.

Our common sense can cross the river and return us to the battle field for victory. And victory will only come with the battle of ideas based on the God given Common Sense we all have. We can return to the Culture of Life. But we must listen to reason and we must recognize good from evil not just rename evil and protect it with bad law [Roe vs. Wade] and abortion and euthanasia mandates [Obama-care] and then ignore evil and ignore tyranny. Next month we can return to the Culture of Life enshrined in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. With courage we can vote our way across the dangerous ice filled river to the victory of life over death as a nation under God – as a people under a loving God.

Don Chisholm, Dillon