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Clancy: Guns and bombs

After the recent school shootings in Connecticut and listening to the following discussions about gun control again, a thought occurred to me.

If I saw my neighbor bringing bags of fertilizer into his garage and cans of diesel fuel I might suspect that he was up to no good and might be planning to build a bomb, even though it is legal to buy fertilizer and diesel fuel. If I called the authorities to report this suspicious behavior I’m sure the FBI would show up ASAP and no doubt take that person in for questioning.

If I saw my other neighbor stockpiling assault weapons in his garage that he bought legally but I suspected that he might be up to no good and reported this behavior to the authorities, I’m sure neither the FBI or the local police would show up and take him in for questioning, after all he’s only stockpiling legally purchased assault weapons.

Tom Clancy, Breckenridge