Coffey: In the end, we’re all independent voters |

Coffey: In the end, we’re all independent voters

Barbara Coffey, Frisco

A recent “guest editorial” in the SDN championed the idea of being a “registered independent” voter. For the record, the categories of voters in Colorado are Republican, Democrat, several small parties (e.g. Green) and unaffiliated (i.e., no party).

Most voters who register as a member of a party in Colorado do so because they wish to vote in the primary election where the party candidates are chosen. Unaffiliated voters cannot vote in primaries. A voter may declare a party affiliation at the polls on primary election day but are then registered as a member of that party. To change party affiliation or to declare unaffiliated they must fill out a form online or go to the courthouse and do so.

This information was verified by a call on Oct. 8 to the Summit County Clerk and Recorder’s Office.

The great thing about America is that a voter can align themselves with whatever group they wish. But in the end, when we enter the voting booth on general election day we are all independent voters.

Barbara Coffey, Frisco

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