Cook: Can’t vote for Obama |

Cook: Can’t vote for Obama

Vicki Cook, Silverthorne

He has violated the oath he swore to uphold with massive voters fraud, not allowing the states to require a valid photo ID. My son had to show his ID to get a breast pump from the county health nurse. What’s wrong here? His involvement in “Fast and Furious” where an American border agent was killed by guns his attorney general gave to drug dealers in Mexico. Granting amnesty for illegal aliens by degree.Congress rejected “Cap & Trade.” Obama makes it a law by degree. Forces Obamacare on the American people. Lies about the cost and all the hidden pork barrel specials that is in it. Using drones to spy on Americans. A military technology. The Constitution prohibits the federal government from using the military technology against American civilians inside the U.S. borders. He plans to bring the U.S. under the U.N. Small Arms Treaty. He is suing Arizona and other states for trying to enforce U.S. immigration laws. He canceled 77 contracts on oil field developments, that were approved. He gave Brazil permits to drill in the Gulf, off our shore lines, and denied American companies to do the same. He gave $500 million of taxpayer money to failed green energy projects. Obama has 31 unconstitutional czars. Some belong to the Acorn board, the radical group “Progress Policy,” five were associated with the “Black Activist Group,” American Communist Party, come on people. These guys are all huge trouble makers and they are against the American free enterprise and values.He has pitted the “poor” against the “rich.” It is his biggest speech topic, “hate the rich.” Well, at one time they were poor to and they got up, dusted off their pants and went to work and made big sacrifices to get rich or a better lifestyle. He flipped on the debt ceiling. When he was running in 2008, he wanted energy independence but rejected the biggest pipeline project, the Keystone pipeline. This is an impeachable offense, loosing our AAA credit rating and increasing our debt by $5 trillion.That is unheard of and so unimaginable. How many times did he flip flop. He changed his mind on gay marriage, illegal aliens, his lower taxes and we have higher taxes coming because of Obamacare. Closing Gitmo, ya that was a biggie nobody wanted those guys in their state, oops another big promise flipped. I could go on but I want you to read and understand the tragedy that has happened to American values and morality. The one that really gets ugly and unbelievable is the lie he told to the American people about the killing of the ambassador. That is huge. In 1986 Libya killed some Americans. Reagan bombed their leader’s house. Libya was quiet for 25 years. Then Obama apologized and did nothing, said it was a movie that was seen in the summer. Flat out lied. On the debates they said Obama won some of the issues. How can a person win when they lie. Flat out lied and there is recording showing what he said and what happened. Yes Obama did not create all the mess, but he has really screwed things up even more.This man has a beautiful smile, but so does the devil. He has lied many times to cover his huge mistakes. He has no idea about balancing a budget. He has no presidential leadership and he has proven it these last four years. He does have a good golf game. I want a presidential leader, not a man that thinks he is a movie star and huge ego problems. That is why I can’t vote for Obama. Vicki Cook, Silverthorne

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