Cooper: The DA’s office needs to be completely replaced |

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Cooper: The DA’s office needs to be completely replaced

I am a victim of officials and DA’s office lack of honesty and integrity.

Actions taken have ruined my life and taken my Civil Rights and more.

Far too much in 300 words involving breach of trust and the ignoring of duty.

I want to pass along to our community, it’s time to clean house of our existing DA’s office and bring in all new blood. With my unjust ordeal with the ex-coroner, officials and DA, the record of the DA’s office also speaks for itself. Turner keeps this lack of integrity unknown and going.

I’m the exception to the rule that can never be broken by officials we must trust when needed the most. That trust was violated with cruel/evil action taken regarding death and duty ignored to investigate action taken by the coroner to falsify a death of one of our community members.

I suffer consequences of banding together to make it unknown and go away.

We all suffer when integrity and upholding our moral code is not found in every case.

This important election to bring honesty and integrity back to our broken system which refuses compliance with law, principles of due process and equal protection.

I urge our community a vote for Scott Turner is simply an extension of our outgoing DA Mark Hurlbert we soundly voted out. I will vote for Bruce Brown to ensure public trust and proper law is never again questionable. There can never be an exception to the rule no matter the case and that rule has been broken.

I am barely living proof of what happens when the rule is ignored and violated.

Go vote for responsibility, trust, honesty and integrity with Bruce Brown.

Jeff Cooper, Breckenridge