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Crawford: Biden a terrible role model

The Oct. 12 vice presidential debate offered an excellent example to the American voter of the abrasive and condescending personality of our current vice president. Viewers could easily see how little respect he has for his current government office. Now, even self-respecting world citizens if they did not already have an excuse to laugh at America certainly have one now. I choose not to dignify him by name, but I am sure his apologists will quickly fill this void.

What a terrible role model this same individual presented to the young adults and children of our American society who are not eligible to vote in this November election. Fortunately, they did have the opportunity to observe Congressman Paul Ryan who not only presented himself in a gentlemanly manner to these young people, but also has drafted a plan to help them deal with this horrible debt that their parents and grandparents have allowed to perpetuate.

Come Nov. 6, we will see who has the last laugh!

Mike Crawford, Frisco