Lake Dillon Fire-Rescue replaces local fire danger sign |

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Lake Dillon Fire-Rescue replaces local fire danger sign

Lake Dillon Fire Capt. Kim McDonald, left, and fire inspector Roman Stachniw place on Wednesday, May 7, the department's fire danger sign on the Summit Boulevard median in Frisco. Although official fire-danger forecasting has not yet begun for the season, the district already has seen its first wildfire this week, and fires are nearly a year-round threat to the community.

Last week, the Lake Dillon Fire Protection District returned its fire-danger sign to the median on Summit Boulevard in Frisco.

The district also has plans to place a similar sign in Silverthorne, pending required approvals, a Lake Dillon Fire-Rescue news release stated.

Given that Summit County has had its first wildfire of the season — and that local residents live with the threat of fire almost all year, even when there's still snow on the ground — now is a good idea to remind people to be careful with campfires, pile burns, ditch clearing and the use of spark-producing equipment near dry vegetation, the release stated.

It's also a good idea for local residents to refresh their evacuation kit, check for adequate property insurance and document all valuables, make copies of vital documents and irreplaceable family photos, and store them in the Internet cloud, in a bank safety-deposit box or with a relative in another community.

Residents should also make sure everyone in the household knows how to check in with a designated family member or a friend in another community to make it easier for everyone to reunite in the event of a wildfire evacuation.