Summit County police blotter: Deputies led on scavenger hunt by burglary suspect |
Joe Moylan

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Summit County police blotter: Deputies led on scavenger hunt by burglary suspect

It's not often a burglary suspect returns to the scene of a crime, but it's also almost unheard of for a suspect to lead law enforcement officers on a scavenger hunt of all of the items he allegedly stole from a person's property.

But that's what happened to Breckenridge Police officers and Summit County Sheriff's Office deputies when they responded just before 8 p.m. Friday, April 4 to a report of a home intrusion in the 400 block of Outta Bounds Drive. Upon their arrival, law enforcement officers witnessed several signs of a break-in, including broken sliding glass doors and a broken window.

Shortly after their arrival, and while law enforcement officers secured the perimeter of the home, a man drove up to the residence and asked officers to move their patrol cars so he could join the party inside, according to police records. There was no party taking place at the time, records stated, but the man insisted he was there earlier with a couple of characters named "Windy" and "Dinus."

Considering the man claimed to be at the house earlier in the day, officers asked if he would write a witness statement, which ultimately contained little more than nonsensical gibberish, reports stated. The man then told officers that he was responsible for the broken glass and had stolen several items from the home, according to reports.

The man also told law enforcement officers he had hidden several other items in anticipation of the hilarity of explaining the story to them later, records stated. Among the items the suspect said he had stolen or moved from their normal places were a silver snowflake necklace, a silver ring, several rubber wristbands, a guestbook with some "awesome literature in there," a Starbucks coffee mug, a red and black winter hat, Optic Nerve snow goggles, a CamelBak backpack, two keys for the residence and a samurai sword.

The man told officers in detail where all the items could be found, except for the samurai sword, saying he couldn't remember where it was. Officers found the sword stabbed into a ceiling beam, records stated. The guestbook featured the name "Windy" written in black permanent marker on the cover.

The man was placed into custody and first transported to Summit Medical Center for medical clearance due to his odd behavior, reports stated. He was later booked into Summit County Jail on suspicion of theft between $50 and $300, criminal mischief of $1,000 to $20,000 and second-degree burglary.

Deputies serve warrant with U.S. Marshalls

On Tuesday, April 1 Summit County Sheriff's Office deputies assisted U.S. Marshall's in executing a warrant of a Silverthorne man in the 6900 block of Ryan Gulch Road.

The felony warrant was issued in 2006 out of Virginia for failing to appear on original charge of distribution of a controlled substance. The substance in question was ecstasy and the warrant contained a no bond hold, according to court records.

The man was taken into custody and booked into Summit County Jail on the charge of being a fugitive from justice.

Deputies arrest vehicle passenger before he can make a break for it

Summit County Sheriff's Office deputies executed a traffic stop at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 2 at a Shell gas station located on U.S. Highway 6 after being passed by a Chevy Cavalier with no front license plate.

After pulling into the station, deputies noticed the rear, driver's side passenger door open and a man aiming to make a break for it, according to court records. Deputies were able to diffuse the situation by politely asking the man to stay in the vehicle and close the door.

Although deputies initiated the traffic stop because of the missing license plate, their attention turned to the passengers located in the rear.

Deputies asked the two men for their identification, which they both declined having on their person. Deputies then asked the men to write down their names, birthdates and addresses on a piece of paper.

Deputies ran the names through the National Crime Information Center and cleared one of the men. There were no records on the man who appeared like he was going to make a run for it immediately after the traffic stop, according to court records.

After running several variations of the name the man provided through dispatch, deputies located one record that matched the description of the second passenger. National Crime Information Center records showed an active warrant for failing to appear on a trespassing charge in Summit County.

The driver was issued a warning about the license plate. The passenger was taken into custody and booked into Summit County Jail on suspicion of criminal impersonation and failing to appear.