Curtis: Vote for Romney at your own risk |

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Curtis: Vote for Romney at your own risk

We are Massachusetts residents now, vacationing here for the week in Dillon, and have some thought to share with you regarding our former Gov. Mitt Romney. One of us voted for him as governor, believing his statements at the time he was running that he held moderate views, including those on women’s health (he supported a woman’s right to abortion), health care for all, moderate economic policies (cutting spending and raising taxes and fees), support for same-sex marriage, and similar approaches to social, economic and health care issues. Because of his moderate views and willingness to work with the Democratic Legislature, we voted him as governor. (Note: Individual responsibility for one’s health care, meaning not asking others to pay for one’s health – the individual mandate – was a conservative approach to health care, and a Republican stand. Mitt endorsed this approach, and it is working in our state. Now 98 percent of us are covered, and we’re working now to reduce costs.) Mitt Romney was to all appearances a moderate, with reasoned approaches to social and economic problems. Now however he has changed radically his social, economic and health care beliefs. So those of you who support him because of this “beliefs” need to be very careful. We too thought we knew what he believed in – what he said – but we were fooled. Mitt, to us, is a political opportunist who will apparently say anything to get elected, and will change his “beliefs” without hesitation. He has no core beliefs. Vote for him, as some of us did, at your own risk.