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Damian: Democrat voting for Mastin

Ann Marie Damian

At a recent candidate forum in Silverthorne, Karn Stiegelmeier said she is proud of her record as a county commissioner, stating that the county’s reserve fund increased during her term. What she didn’t mention was that Road and Bridge services to Heeney have been minimized to the point that County Road 30 is crumbling. Three years ago, half of SCR 30 was repaved, and the county promised Heeney residents in person that the second half would be resurfaced the next summer. We are still waiting for that to happen. In the meantime, the second half is now falling apart. In addition, the gravel county roads throughout Heeney haven’t been graded in over a year.

When I brought all this to Ms. Stiegelmeier’s attention in August, she suggested that her constituents in Heeney raise the funds ourselves to fix our roads. Since when do taxes we have already paid not cover the maintenance of county roads? Her statement in an email on 8/3/12 was, “I can not squeeze blood out of a turnip or provide more funds to SCR 30 relative to other parts of the county.” Well, I guess her budgeting and financial management skills aren’t as good as she claims they are if her constituents are now being asked to fund the maintenance of county roads, which is the county’s responsibility to begin with. The infrastructure she has repeatedly stated is important to her is deteriorating to the point that it is now a public safety issue.

Kevin Mastin has pledged to listen to his constituents when they request the county’s help, which makes him the clear choice in November. I am voting for him, and I hope all of you do the same.

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