Dercum Center brings native director back for fundraiser |

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Dercum Center brings native director back for fundraiser

Special to the DailyDirector Nicolas Brown (above) is presenting at The Dercum Center "Big Adventures for the Small Screen" fundraiser Sunday in Keystone.

As a fundraiser for The Keystone Center and the Keystone Science School, The Dercum Center for the Arts is hosting “Big Adventures for the Small Screen” with director Nicolas Brown.

On June 24 at 7 p.m. at the Robert W. Craig Education and Consensus Building in Keystone, critically-acclaimed Brown will talk with the crowd about modern documentary filmmaking.

Because the center is young, only a year old, this is the first fundraiser the Dercum Center has held for another organization, according to general manager Karina Wetherbee.

All proceeds from the event will go directly back to The Keystone Center and the Keystone Science School, “not for specific programs, just for the greatness that they are in general,” Wetherbee said.

A Vail native, Brown is acclaimed after working on multiple projects as a producer and director for BBC, Discovery, PBS, TLC and National Geographic. Most recently, he worked closely on two episodes of BBC’s Human Planet. The show chronicles people living in the world’s most extreme climates. Brown’s episodes featured the Arctic and the mountain climates.

At the event, Brown will show clips of the episodes and talk with the audience about the difficulties that came with filming the show. “These are a really dramatic set of stories,” Wetherbee said.

The audience will also get to see some of Brown’s behind the scenes footage from filming the people living in the rough Arctic conditions and mountainous ranges.

“We are so lucky to have one of our own, a Coloradan, who has gone on to do such high caliber work,” Wetherbee said about hosting Brown for the event. “It is a privilege to have Nick back here in this capacity, with his amazing resume and his stellar library of work.”

In addition to Brown’s presentation, the event will feature a raffle drawing and prizes. Some of the prizes include a Brown-signed copy of the Human Planet book, which holds pictures and stories from the show’s filming, and another of Brown’s DVDs, also signed by him.

Tickets for the event are $20 for adults and $15 for children. With a ticket, guests gain entry to the event and also an appetizer and wine reception before the show, where they can talk with Brown about his work.

Seating is limited in the Dercum Center, so reservations are recommended. To reserve a spot, contact Karina Wetherbee at or call (970) 513-6556. Tickets can also be purchased at the door.