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Dillon proposes $8.5M budget

The Dillon Town Council received no public comment when it opened its proposed 2013 budget for public comment Tuesday. The next step will come at the meeting on Dec. 4, when the finalized budget will be presented.

The budget anticipates starting 2013 with a beginning balance of $2.9 million. Anticipated expenditures for 2013 total $8.5 million, with anticipated revenue at $8.6 million. This will give the town almost $1.6 million in reserves. The reserves are set aside in the event of an emergency. If these numbers hold as anticipated, by the Dec. 31, 2013, the town will have an available cash balance of $1.4 million.

The street improvement fund is cutting back due to lack of funds. In 2012, reconstruction projects were done on six major Dillon streets. The struggling economy has affected the fund since its inception in 2008. In 2013 the town will perform maintenance such as chip sealing, rather than reconstruction, because sales tax levels are not currently high enough to support anything on a larger scale.

The capital improvement fund focuses on general improvement projects necessary throughout the town. Funds in 2013 will be used for computers for town hall and the police department, light pole replacement and the marina park master plan improvements, among others.

The marina fund is an enterprise fund, which operates like a business; its revenues must cover its expenditures. The slope stabilization project in 2010 cost $2 million, which was granted as a loan from town hall, and which the marina is currently paying back on an annual basis. Improvements in 2013 to the marina will include parking lot paving and minor drainage work.

The proposed budget will not be finalized until Dec. 4, but any changes will be minor. They include updated sales tax information received over the last few months of 2012, and updated water revenues from volume changes. The 2012 estimated expenditures will be finalized to better reflect accurate information. The public is invited to attend the Dec. 4 meeting to hear the finalized budget.

The full proposed 2013 budget is available for public review on the town of Dillon website (www.townofdillon.com) and at the Dillon Town Hall.