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Dirksen: Karn has done a wonderful job

Hans Dirksen, 4-H leader,

I am a staunch fiscal conservative and to date have never supported a Democrat. However, there is a sign in our yard supporting Karn for re-election. Why the change?

Karn has done a wonderful job during her tenure and I thought it best to support her efforts. Karn has been a staunch supporter of the CSU Extension Program in Summit County. The Extension Program is largely an educational program administered by CSU. It also embraces 4-H and hence the STEM program.

STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) in Summit County is an after school program taught by volunteers. It is active in the elementary, middle, and high schools and has an enrollment of over 1,000 students. The financial impact on tax dollars is minimal and the benefits of the program are far reaching. STEM is just one of the programs that Karn has supported. In addition, Karn has been very supportive of the other 4-H activities in Summit County, activities that are offered after school, on weekends, and during summer vacation.

The programs are offered to channel our children in a positive direction. As a group, The 4-H kids achieve more and have fewer social problems ( eg. drinking ,drugs, smoking) than do non 4-H children and youths.

The 4-H program in Summit is very thankful to have Karn’s support. With her encouragement and help, the extension program including 4-H hopes to reach out to an ever increasing number children in Summit County.

To have Karn in office is truly a positive “change you can believe in.”

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Hans Dirksen, 4-H leader,


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