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Dodd: PBS all grown up

Re: “The killing of Big Bird,” by Howard Hallman, letters, Oct. 9

Howard Hallman is one of whom he speaks, “loose-mouthed trash talking idiots.” Romney is braver than most politicians. He said what every other “please everyone all the time” politician doesn’t have the guts to say. PBS is all grown up now and should not still be in the government nest. It should and will be able to fly on its own. Something like 15 percent plus or minus of the PBS budget comes from taxpayers like you and me. This amount could be easily made up if Big Bird would just get off his feathered nest and fly like an eagle. Cutting taxpayer funding for PBS will not solve our deficit problems but cutting that type of funding and thinking in lots of programs would help. Next Social Security and Medicaid, someone needs to speak out and tell us what we already know, they have to be fixed, changed, adjusted and saved from utter collapse, but first some politician need to have the guts to say so. I’ll bet it will not be Obama.