Dodd: Perfect example of Obama-style government |

Dodd: Perfect example of Obama-style government

Tom Dodd, Silverthorne

Re: “Bike rental shops need permits for federal land starting Nov. 1,” by Bruce Finley, The Denver Post

This is how business is discouraged, taxed and customers driven away. Where do I start? Where will it end? A government department (Forest Service this time) needs to enforce its power, protect and enlarge its little kingdom in the face of budget cuts now wants to “permit” (another term for limit tourism) bike shops for dropping off tourist / customers at trail heads. Those are not just bike shop/rental customers they are also shop, restaurant, motel/hotel/condo, gas station, grocery store customers. Tourist who come from sea level and do not or can not avail themselves of this drop off service may also become unwilling customers of Flight for Life. This has nothing to do with the Forest Service “considering commercial capacity limits,” they are not that smart, it has to do with more government power and sucking money out of and controlling every little segment of our lives while “taking care of us.” When will we get the message? “We don’t need this much help Gov.”

Tom Dodd, Silverthorne

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