Donovan: Susan Brown’s comments misleading |

Donovan: Susan Brown’s comments misleading

JD Donovan, Frisco

Susan Brown’s failure to mention that a 67 vote majority in the Senate is a requirement to pass an international treaty is not the only omission in the debate on the UN Arms Trade Treaty. The first step in ratifying is indeed the president’s signature. Should he or she sign on, it then goes to the Senate. Should it pass, it goes back to the president for a final signature, making Ms. Brown’s comments technically correct even if very misleading. However, failure does not mean the end of the treaty. A treaty remains available to future Senates until it is withdrawn by the current sitting president. In theory, this treaty could hang over our heads until it does pass, be that two or 20 years from now. Thank you,JD Donovan, Frisco

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