Driver pleads guilty to vehicular homicide after Keystone crash |

Driver pleads guilty to vehicular homicide after Keystone crash

Caddie Nath
Summit Daily News

Summit Daily/Mark Fox

Wesley Wilson, the local man who hit and killed a visitor, Mircea Basaram, crossing Highway 6 near Keystone in March, pleaded guilty to charges of vehicular homicide – DUI, District Attorney Mark Hurlbert confirmed.

The class 3 felony carries a penalty of four to 16 years in prison.

Wilson, who was 20 at the time of the incident, is reportedly out of custody on bond and awaiting a sentencing hearing set for Sept. 14.

Meanwhile, local and state transportation officials as well as members of the community are implementing plans to help prevent other incidents on the crosswalk that has concerned locals for years.

“We have done everything we can … right now,” CDOT traffic engineer Saeed Sobhi said. “After all of the improvements are completed, we are going to ask for a speed study and we will see if there have been impacts.”

CDOT has already put the word “yield” on the pavement ahead of the crosswalk at Rasor drive, where Basaram was killed, and is preparing to install a crossbar that will have a flashing yellow light and signs indicating the crosswalk.

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The highway has also been restriped, reducing the lanes from 11 feet to 12 feet.

“We have narrowed the lanes just to create a perception of an environment conducive to a slower speed,” Sobhi said.

Depending on the results of the speed study, CDOT may also reduce the speed limit around the crosswalk.

The total cost of the improvement project is expected to be approximately $65,000.

The Rasor drive crosswalk runs across Hwy. 6 between two bus stops and sees heavy pedestrian use. Residents in the area have long been concerned that people on the crosswalk might be hit by vehicles that often fail to slow down.

Their fears were realized March 17, when Wilson hit 33-year-old Mircea Basaram, of Romania, sometime after 6 p.m. Basaram was transported to St. Anthony’s hospital in Lakewood where he later died.

Authorities reported Wilson, who was alcohol impaired, did stop after hitting Basaram.

“He cooperated with our investigation,” Colorado State Patrol trooper Nate Reid said.

Wilson’s Subaru Outback was headed westbound in the left lane on Hwy. 6 as Basaram began to head south from the northeast corner of the street, according to Colorado State Patrol.

A car in the right lane had stopped to allow Basaram and his group to cross the street, authorities say, but the Subaru didn’t slow down, according to one eyewitness.

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